It's Past My Bedtime

an ongoing project by
adam j. kurtz

this has only still mattered because i have said it does, by having a link to it and by going through the motions of documenting. documentation is not inherently valuable unless you assign a context and value. documenting time feels natural and necessary and innate to me, but i don’t always know why. this is how i have known this is a failed project, and knew it was due to its lack of defined parameters, but i did not understand why that matters. things have value if i give them value and i have never valued this beyond the initial aesthetics. that is not art, that is collecting. collecting is only art if i say it is.

some people have valued this for emotional reasons that they found inherent themselves. on some level, it’s why i must have made this, but the meaning quickly gave way to¬†redundancy¬†and chore, though somehow 12:34 is significant. probably due to it’s innate value as a pattern and also our growth/conditioning/feels like “fate.” anyway, i sort of get this shit. it’s been a long few nights with not real sleep. and it was important, which is why i didn’t document it last night. and i couldn’t have — it was light outside and the whole premise of a photo in the dark didn’t work anymore.

good night.